Monday, May 14, 2012

Children Reading Books

Oh, for a nook and a story-book,

With tales both new and old;

For a jolly good book whereon to look

Is better to me than gold.


"As early as possible let your children be encouraged to read, and see that they are provided with books and papers adapted to their capacity of mind. Some parents, be it said to their shame, consider money spent in this way as unnecessary or even wasted. A more erroneous idea of economy never existed. Books are great educators. A mother should be more careful to provide her children with good books than fine clothes; should spend more time in teaching and training them than in decking their bodies for show and display. Mothers, if you are obliged to practice economy, do not commence to save in your children's books and papers; let it be in something else first. While, however, the mind is being trained and improved, care should be taken that the spiritual part is not neglected. While your children are reading books by various authors, have a care that they do not neglect the reading of the Bible, the Book of books."

~ Excerpt from a Child's Magazine in 1914

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