Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keeper at Home with Old Fashioned Stove

"One of the very first things they (newlyweds) discover is the intimate relation between the kitchen and wedded happiness. That love may fulfill its delightful prophecies and realize its splendid dreams—there must be in the new home, some very practical elements... That foundation is good housekeeping. In other words, good breakfasts, dinners and suppers, a well-kept house, order, system, promptness, punctuality, good cheer—far more than any young lovers dream—does happiness in married life depend upon such commonplace things as these!"

~ Except from The Family by J.R. Miller


  1. Love the picture! Thanks for sharing with us :) And the quote was very enjoyable!


    1. Glad you like the picture. I LOVE the stove personally and have my eyes open for one at an auction… Thanks for sharing here today :)


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