Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Something Happened" ~ Eshakti Contest Entry from My Daughter

For the twentieth time, I scoured every store I could think of. Every time, I thought something beautiful, vintage, and good quality would somehow "pop up." I went to the cheapest thrift shops and the most upper-end malls. The thrift stores had pieces that were, well, never going to fit (they seemed to have one size and that was "tiny")! The expensive stores had - expensive clothing (why was I surprised?) which was WAY out of my budget. To my frustration, nothing ever did "pop up." Nothing perfect, that is.  I was really starting to lose hope. It seemed like finding my dream dresses was proving impossible. I'm a teenager with definite ideas of what a dress should be, and the mid-calf length, 1950's inspired dresses I pined for were, simply put, nonexistent. That was a rough summer.

Then something happened. Fast forward a year. I had big events coming up, and, as usual, nothing to wear. That was when my mom suggested checking out Eshakti. Now, I'd seen plenty of Eshakti ads in my time, and, to be honest, I always ignored them (my excuse? young and dumb). Well, 5 minutes on the site, and I was ready to preach Eshakti to all the deprived dress world! I was instantly stunned by the huge assortment of vintage inspired, CLASSY dresses! Dresses that looked like clones of Audrey Hepburn dresses! After considerable hemming and hawing, I bought two - a navy blue shirt-dress and the hounds-tooth dress I'm wearing in the photo. And oh! When I tried them on with the custom sizes I had ordered, I felt like a million bucks!

Then - something else happened. When I wore the hounds-tooth dress, my aunt instantly complimented it, saying how flattering it was to the waistline!!! That's a big deal because I've always struggled with having a naturally thick waist (Ugh).

THEN something ELSE happened! My friend saw the dress. She has VERY different taste from my aunt and I; preferring a more modern look as opposed to the feminine and vintage look we like. And guess what, she loved the dress (and she's super quiet and withdrawn, so it meant a LOT coming from her)!

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And finally, I have to say, I was nervous about the "big" event I bought it for. But when I put that navy blue 50's dress on, and added a polka dotted scarf and peep toe wedges, I had all the confidence in the world! I'm so happy Eshakti exists! I've got a big summer coming up... And I'll need all the gorgeous custom made dresses I can get my fingertips on!

Thank you for reading this entry from my daughter for the "Something Happened" Eshakti contest!

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